Shapes reminiscent of large factory pipes, dematerialized and lightened by their fabric nature. These are the Pipe lamps, which stand out due to their large size and the warm light diffused over the entire surface..

A pure form inspired by visible tubing in factories, made gentler by using fabric that covers it and transforms it into a lamp with soft, elegant shapes. The material is dirty linen; rough, bleached linen that expresses all of Diesel’s know-how in the world of jeans. The lighter, more natural version creates an elegant luminous effect made even more striking because of its unique fabric texture. The darker version features a fabric that is highlighted by a unique and very sophisticated decoration: Rubber Print.This creates a mixture of natural line and artificial rubber; two opposites that coexist to grant the model a strong personality. This luminous effect also has a very striking effect. The print, which is particularly dense at the base, spreads out, branch by branch towards the diffuser, giving off a warm light that diffuses delicately into the space.