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/ FARO / MINE SPACE awarded with the Restaurant and Bar Design Awards

The Faro MINE SPACE pendant light, designed by Nahtrang, has been awarded the Restaurant & Bar Design Award in the category ‘Light installations’ after the jury’s recognition for its adaptability to the space and its beauty. This award, granted by a jury of 28 hospitality designers from around the world, is presented with the aim of globally recognizing the best and most innovative designs related to the restaurant sector.In its 2017 edition, MINE SPACE has won the Light Installations category for being “an innovative product that fits every space” and for “the beauty of its simplicity”, as highlighted by the juror Natali Canas del Pozo.The ceremony of the ninth edition will be held on October 5 at London’s King’s Cross and the 13 award-winning brands will attend it | More about Faro

MINE SPACE is a customizable pendant light with a versatile design, perfect for the lighting of contract spaces thanks to the diffused and comfortable light that invites relaxation.Its Scandinavian design and its rounded shape give warmth to the set, an installation that brings comfort. Available in two colors: white and gray