by Joan Gaspar , 2022

The Ginger collection started out in wood, an almost flat, sober lamp that discreetly lights up spaces with indirect light. Over time a new material was added to the collection: metal; a finish which is lighter, more refined, almost sculptural that provides the same warm light with no glare.

The Ginger collection is now moving outdoors to subtly light any space, with wall sconces that can be installed individually or in a cluster, a smaller version perfect for passageways and small outdoor areas, a lamppost, small floor lamps, and a new wall version with an arm. This latest design is a tribute to the traditional outdoor light casting indirect light downwards. It is available in two sizes – 20 and 32 cm diameter – and in two finishes, black outside and white inside, and rust, a colour that is more attractive when the light is on, more intense, giving an unexpected result.