FOLD Nordlux

NORDLUX / FOLD from Design for the People, outdoor

FOLD from ‘Design for the people’ (Nordlux), 2x 5W Led, 3000K, outdoor. 15 YEAR ANTI CORROSION GUARANTEE ON THE COPPER, BRASS AND GALVANIZED FOLD. 5 YEAR LED GUARANTEE. “Fold a sheet of paper, place a bulb behind it – and you have a light.” While the reality is not that simple, designer Henrik Bønnelycke wants the light to appear as if it is. Based on the A format, Bønnelycke MDD developed the Fold light, which is incredibly well defined and distinct in terms of shape. Fold gets its unique character from its select materials. Materials that patinate beautifully over time and enter into harmonious dialogue with their surroundings.