Flar by Lodes

Inspired by traditional storm lanterns which use glass pipes to protect the flame, Flar features a billowing glass shade designed to surround an LED filament bulb, to magnify the light source and diffuse a very soft light, filtered by the tinted glass, almost like a contemporary candle.‎
Flar comprises a steel base which opens like a flower, leading to a moulded blown glass shade.‎ The contrast between the precise 3D laser cut base and the uniqueness of the blown glass bubble enhances the personality of the lamp.‎

The name Flar evokes images of a flare or ‘flamboiement’ in French – an intense blaze or burst of light. Highly impactful in its simplicity, Flar is a floor and table lamp that does not go unnoticed.


Design by Patrick Norguet, 2022