by Ciszak Dalmas , 2023

Ambrosia is essentially a line of light that can be converted into a modular system, capable of extending the illumination it offers to adapt to any space. A design that recovers and revisits the tube light, timeless, and updates it so that its simple structure and diffuse lighting add beauty to any space. This collection expands on its possibilities by proposing a change in the plane of light, from horizontal to vertical.

This new style of lamp is available in two versions, both of which are pendant lamps. First there is the Ambrosia V2, a 235-cm-high vertical structure consisting of two tubes of light of different lengths. An interrupted line of light, a detail that brings lightness and character to the lamp. Its design allows you to choose the lighting, either towards the wall for indirect light, or towards the main space for direct light. This aesthetic and functional design also works well in domestic settings.

The other vertical version, Ambrosia V3, joins three light tubes placed at different heights, forming a sculptural ensemble. This option can provide a great deal of light and therefore comes with a dimming system for easy lighting control. It is available in two heights of 130 and 175 cm. Both sizes can be electrically connected through the ceiling rosette or the floor plug.

The new Ambrosia allows you to create vertical lighting compositions, combining different sizes in repetition to illuminate large spaces. When installed individually, it fills the space with light and warmth. Its slender design sets the perfect scene in any room. A totally new perspective for this flexible lighting system, which achieves maximum light expression with a minimalist structure.

The metal structure is available in two finishes – black and matte gold – and the light source in three colour temperatures: 2200 K, 2700 K and 3000 K.