Delta Light : Novelties

In our new collection we are taking it to the next level, crossing borders, raising the bar. We reach out to new materials, challenge existing shapes and focus on the multisensorial aspect of lighting as a tool, and as a system. Light, and much more.

Minimalism meets comfort
Maximum light comfort in linear lighting… the starting point in the design of the Inform. Sensual curves or pure lines, architectural lighting at its best: eye for design, eye for the user and eye for performance.
Next generation
Longstanding Delta Light classics Backspace and Walker have been upgraded, both in design and technology. Recognizable yet more advanced, illuminating exterior walls and pathways with class and elegance.
Endless reflections
In 2018 we presented Reflections, a series
of new adventures in decorative luminaire design. In this new collection we expand on the range with Mantello and Still. Enjoy the
fine craftsmanship, warm atmosphere and ever-changing elegant dynamic of these new designs.
Invisible yet tangible
Impressed by his extensive expertise and passion during the design of the Polesano,
we decided to go on our next adventure with lighting designer Dean Skira. Together with Dean we take you on a journey to the ultimate minimalism, introducing Nime.
Optical precision
Delta Light’s team of engineers and optic experts is on a continuous quest to match the company’s credo for design with an optimal quality of light. With the new Frax we have taken our fascination for the perfect beam outside. Clean-cut light distribution to boost your outdoor experience.

Each new product family in this brochure has more to it. Scan the QR codes with your smartphone camera or visit our website to discover extra technical information, product versions, videos, application visuals etc.

28 Conform
nime en-suite
14 bowie partou

Let the light carry you home…

Delta Light offers a very extensive range of interior lighting solutions. Wall to ceiling or stand-alone, be
it for recessed or surface mounted application… all luminaires are de- signed to guarantee an optimal user experience and highest quality of light, helping you to create the best atmosphere and meet the intended purpose of the space.
The following ranges are brand-new and complete the Lighting Bible AE interior collection.

The absence in its presence, the presence in its absence.
The black hole reflects no light, but the light of Nime finds its way out. The tangible part disappears inside its heart, and the intangible part illuminates the object.
the fifth form of light
The first form of light is in the source.
The second is
the invisible form of light itself.
The third is the form of the object revealed by light before it touches it, the fourth is the form of the shadow.
And the fifth is the form of the consequence that comprises all the previous four forms, as well as the way we feel and experience the space considering the four forms.


en- suite
En-Suite gets straight to the point. With an output of 120lm/W in an outer diameter of 54mm. Limited components, little materials and high performing optics, En-Suite is designed around efficiency in all its aspects and in every detail.
All this makes En-Suite perfectly suitable for hospitality applications: easy to install thanks to its limited height and single ceiling cut-out,
IP20 and IP44 to combine in general areas as well as damp locations like bathrooms and highly energy efficient due to the 120 lumens per watt delivered on luminaire level.
This high-performer makes it possible to perfectly light up a bathroom of 4m2 with only 15W or a hallway of 20m2 by consuming only 40W.
En-Suite easily lowers the general consumption below 1,50W/m2 per 100lux, quite a performance!
Designed to perform.

Low installation height fix 50mm adjustable 64mm
Ultraminimalistic trim
Tilt up to 35° Rotate up to 355°
IP20 OR IP44
1 ceiling cut-out / multiple finishing covers Ø48mm
500lm delivered at 4,2W
120 lm/W
Family overview
White or Black
Round / Fix or adjustable Square / Fix or adjustable Square Double / Fix IP20 or IP44 from below
4,2W – 605lm – CRI80 4,2W – 530lm – CRI90
18° / 37°
50 50 50 0,8
0,8 0,8
Ø54 54 54 54

Partou? Oui oui! The Partou family has countless application possibilities, as it combines round and square shapes, fix and adjustable luminaires and offers an IP44 protection rate from below. Easy to fit in everywhere – partout in French -, from residential to hospitality, from dining room to bathroom.

The clever design of Partou offers a multitude of finishing options on 1 and the same LED module. Complete your LED module with the cover you want: round or square, small or bigger, white, black or a black-dark chrome combination for an optimal visual comfort, the choice is up to you!
Family overview
White / Black
Black-Dark chrome combination for improved visual comfort
Round / Square –
Mini Partou

Fix or adjustable –
Partou S
5,9W / 606lm –
8,7W / 896lm
18° / 25° / 37°
82 97 88 82
Ø69 Ø81
Ø81 81 81
Partou fits in everywhere.

The queen, not the pawn The shape of Pion resembles a
lot the one of a pawn in a game
of chess, but that is also the only resemblance. Opposite to a pawn, Pion is able to move around freely thanks to its unique Ex-centric Rotation System (ERS).
Starting as a fix downlight, Pion can easily be turned into a periscope overlooking the room, simply by rotating its head.
The Ex-centric Rotation System then enables Pion to tilt its head, allowing it to spy around over 355° and tilt up to 90°, so aiming possibilities are unlimited.
Its elegant design in combination with the frisky colour combinations transform Pion immediately into the queen of the room, overlooking the scenery. Like any jewel,
the colourful tubes serve as an accessory to top off its feminine shape in style.
Don’t be a pawn in someone else’s game

Balanced in form
and function
Pion is available as semi-recessed version, as surface mounted spotlight
or as a plug-in module for our magnetic profile range.
As a recessed variant, the Ex-centric Rotation System is semi-recessed into the ceiling, hiding away the more technical part of the luminaire.
As a ceiling mounted solution – with up to 3 modules per luminaire – Pion is not only about the looks, it is a textbook example of form meets function.
In this way, the triple surface mounted version of Pion completes 4 functions.
3 of them are lighting up the room in 3 different ways from only 1 feeding point, the 4th is doing it without compromising on style. The clean lines of the driverbox perfectly complement the organic shape of the luminaire’s body.
Family overview
White, Black or Gold Coloured Finish off with a Golden or Black inner tube

As module in our magnetic profiles –
Surface mounted
(single, double or triple)
CHOOSE YOUR installation
5,9W / 606lm –
8,7W / 896lm
25° / 37°
167 23
Ø64 0-45° Ø64 355°
170 33
245 330

As from now, any additional look on it makes you appreciate Odron more and more: its possibility to serve both as a straightforward downlight or as an omnidirectional spotlight, the shiny details of the cover in contrast with the structured lacquer of the body or the touch of colour
it adds thanks to the additional golden covers, it is clear that Odron enriches the space in more than
one way.
Take another look
Don’t be fooled: Odron may look peculiar at first sight, nevertheless its specific design is intended to create a compact yet powerful lighting solution.
A second look puts everything in perspective: the flat design of the disc in combination with the shallow base results in a highly functional luminaire within a limited height of 45mm.

Family overview
White, Black
Finish off with a golden cover
Semi-recessed as clip version

As module in our magnetic profiles (single or double)

Surface mounted
(single or double)
CHOOSE YOUR installation
5,9W / 606lm –
8,7W / 896lm
25° / 37°
0-90° 355°
77 Ø60 230
15 24
Ø60 24
Compact flexibility
Odron is available as Clip version and as a single or double spot to be mounted onto the ceiling or as module for our magnetic profile range. Whatever installation, Odron stands out in being compact without sacrificing on flexibility: semi-recessed as a Clip version or mounted into the magnetic profiles, all you get to see is its flat disc, able to rotate through the room up to 350° and tilt up to 90° thanks to the short hinge, perfectly hidden away behind the disc.
As a surface mounted spotlight, the driverbox is designed to be in line with the spot modules, limiting the total installation height of the luminaire to a bare minimum.
You looking at me?

Keep your eye on the ball
Add some body to the room with Bowie, it impresses through its spherical shape and playful colour combinations.
Twist and turn, tilt and aim, Bowie will always look the same, whatever its direction and no matter the angle you look at it. Bowie in pure white or black easily fits in any interior, while the golden finish adds a warm glow and a touch of richness to the room.
Within its range, Bowie comes as a semi-recessed Clip version, as a single or double spotlight to be surface mounted or as module to fit into our magnetic profile offer.
Play with colour and personalize your Bowie by finishing off the luminaires with a golden, white or black inner tube.

Don’t break my balls.
Family overview
White, Black, Gold Coloured Finish off with a golden, White or Black inner tube
Semi-recessed as clip version

As module in our magnetic profiles (single or double)

Surface mounted
(single or double)
CHOOSE YOUR installation
25° / 37°
40 142
170 15
0-90° 355°
5,9W / 606lm –
8,7W / 896lm
Ø51 52 Ø51


super-oh! slim
The circle of light
Evolving from our existing Super-Oh! family, Super-Oh! Slim stands out in design and efficiency. With a width of only 44mm and a luminous efficacy up to 119lm/W, this family of halo’s combines slender elegance with big performance. Super-Oh! Slim comes in 2 diameters – 800mm and 1200mm – and is available with only direct light or a combination of direct and indirect light.
Two different designs allow you to either opt for clean lines in a soothing setting
or either go for a design statement
by choosing Super-Oh! Slim with an integrated powerbox. Apart from its functionality, the integrated powerbox acts as a rebel element, disrupting the perfect geometrical circle of light and adding a peculiar touch to the project.
Family overview
White or Black
With ceiling base or integrated powerbox
Ø 800mm
DOWN / 31-48W / 5000-7200lm DOWN-UP / 55-71W / 8800-11000lm

Ø 1200mm
DOWN / 48-71W / 7700-10800lm DOWN-UP / 84-107W / 13500-16500lm
CHOOSE YOUR installation
Surface mounted (DOWN) Suspended (DOWN or DOWN-UP)

Ø800 – Ø1200
Stop running around in circles

Pure lighting pleasure.

superloop plus
Touch of style integrated
New within the favorite series of Superloop are the horizontal versions with integrated decorative panel on top. The profile has an additional compartment on the upper part which serves to hold a decorative element,
be it to add a personal touch, improve acoustics or make a decorative element out of the minimalistic circle.
Superloop Plus is available for all Superloop HC versions with a diameter up to 1200mm.
As so you can combine both Superloop SBL as MDL with an additional touch
of style, one to offer general lighting and light up the panel, the other one
to create accent lighting thanks to the additonal spot modules that can be fixed onto the Superloop MDL.

Its elegant design with multiple colour combinations, its specific sun-mimicking spectrum,
its low UGR, its well balanced down-up ratio…we do not exaggerate: Conform is the goddess of office lighting!
Conform is designed around
the light. It not only perfectly embraces the light source, it reinforces it in multiple aspects. Conform uses Delta Light’s Natural Light Technology® (NLT), state of the art LEDs with a spectrum that very closely matches that of the sun.
Optimized profile design for optimal heat dissipation
As so, the LEDs used in Conform help control the human circadian rhythm. To further stimulate the human well-being,
That includes a broader spectrum, which is preferable for the human eye and brings out the vibrant colours, and an enhanced cyan energy, boosting the human activity.
Additionally, the uplight is being spread over the room to enhance the spacial effect and to create a uniform lighting scheme, thanks to the inhouse designed lens extrusion to create a wide batwing beam angle without an intense peak in
Conform uses a down-up ratio of 55% to 45%, as a combination
of direct and indirect light is recommended against eye strain. Every downwards facing LED is perfectly embraced by specially designed reflectors, resulting in a beam angle of 67° that enlightens the task area but has no direct impact on the eye.
the centre.
In-house developed lens with batwing curve for enhanced spacial effect
Down-up ratio of 55/45, ideal against eye strain
Integrated 2-channel DALI dimmable driver for seperate controlling of the direct and indirect light
State of the art LEDs, mimicking the spectrum of the sun and bringing out vibrant colours
Specific reflector design for perfect direct lighting with a low Unified Glare Ratio (UGR<14) Family overview CHOOSE YOUR COLOUR Black-Black Black-Matt Gold or White-Black CHOOSE YOUR length & power 1400mm 1800lm / 17W down - 1500lm / 17W up - 2000mm 2500lm / 24W down - 2100lm / 24W up - 2800mm 3700lm / 34W down - 3000lm / 34W up - Natural Light Technology® - UGR <14 CHOOSE YOUR control DALI - DALI with integrated sensor Raster to further enhance the visual comfort - Profile-raster colour combinations: black-black, black-Matt Gold, white-black 30 90 26 41,5 1388 2828 Designed for the well-being >>


A working tool
The Inform family is an extensive range of linear and curved lighting solutions, designed to be used in applications that include task areas, like landscape offices, meeting rooms, reception desks, home office,… Areas which need technical architectural lighting
at its best: eye for design, eye for the user and eye for performance.
The base of this family is a combination of Delta Light’s Melanopic Light Technology® (MLT) with high efficient louvre optics, a proven reflector technology dating from the days fluorescent tubes ruled the world.
Ultimate visual comfort
Different from the fluorescent tubes,
a LED array is build up out of multiple LEDs. Therefore, the reflector is designed to perfectly embrace every individual LED module in a way to boost the efficiency of the complete luminaire while maintaining a high level of visual comfort as every LED dot is shielded from being looked into.
Let us inform you: there is a new kid in town

inform sq
Pure minimalism
Inform SQ breaths refinement in all its aspects. Its slender dimensions of 28 by 28mm weld in seamlessly in any architecture. By letting the power run over the suspension cables, there is no need for additional supply cables, emphasizing the minimalistic looks of the profile.
The subtle details empower its sublime design: the recessed endcaps with integrated logo, the multiple colour combinations, the design of the powerbox in line with the profile design, all of them adding to the pure minimalism where Inform SQ stands for.
High performer
Despite its minimalistic design, Inform SQ does not compromise on performance.
With a delivered lumen package downwards of 3045lm per meter, Inform SQ is perfect for illuminating task areas like office desks or reception counters.
Within the same dimensions one can also opt for a down-up version of Inform S, enhancing the sense of space and creating a uniform glow on both vertical as horizontal surfaces, which leads to a reduced contrast and relaxes the eye.
Human in the center
The human aspect is the central topic for Inform SQ. It offers state of the art LEDs that help control the human circadian rhythm
via a unique spectrum meant to stimulate activity. The high quality LEDs provide a very natural white colour with a higher amount of energy in the cyan region, helping you to be active during the day and encourage sleep at night.

inform R
Creative freedom
Who says light for the workplace needs to be boring? Inform R enables you to bring a touch of creativity into
the clean and straight lines
of the contemporary office environment.
Inform R is a family of
atypical shapes which are still compliant with the EN 12464, the standard for office lighting. Different geometric shapes – based on 1 curved segment
– to feed your expressiveness and imagination: combine different forms, use quirky colour combinations, diversify different application areas by alternating Inform SQ with Inform R, feel free to play!
Different geometric shapes – based on 1 curved segment – to feed your expressiveness and imagination: combine different forms, use quirky colour combinations, diversify different application areas by alternating Inform SQ with Inform R, feel free to play!


D-liner inform
Special ceiling solutions
To keep up with the changing regulations for building and renovating, challenges arise on how to combine lighting, ventilation and acoustics into technical or smart ceilings in the best way possible. Part of these ceilings build on modularity and allow for a linear lighting solution in between or
in line with the panels. The typical mounting brackets on D-Liner Inform allow for an easy installation into different kind of linear ceiling solutions. As the combination of high efficiency and a high level of visual comfort is crucial for offices – an area wherefor this kind of ceilings are being made – D-Liner Inform is a perfect addition to the existing D-Liner range.
Inform M
Accent, decorative and task lighting Inform M is an addition to our magnetic profile range. For any multi-purpose area, now you have the possibility to combine the existing spotlight and pendant modules together with this high-performing modules for task areas.
Create and recreate your desired setting, as each of these modules can easily be repositioned thanks to the simple magnetic connection between profile and module.
By simply clicking the module into the profile,
the electrical connection is made and your luminaire is ready for the task, wherever you
mount it. Additional sensor and modulator modules allow you to further upgrade the light setting to your preference, by DALI dimming or by using
CTRL Delta on your smartphone.

Black-Black, Black – Matt Gold, Flemish Gold – Black White-Black or White-White
Black-Black, Black – Matt Gold, White-Black or White-White
Black-Black, Black – Matt Gold, or White-White
CHOOSE YOUR installation
CHOOSE YOUR installation
CHOOSE YOUR installation
CHOOSE YOUR installation
Surface mounted (down) Suspended (down or down-up)
Surface mounted (down) Suspended (down or down-up)
Recessed into the celing
Module for
Shiftline M26 L, M26 H, M35 R or Splitline M20
different organic shapes
choose your length
choose your length
choose your length
Down / From 24 up to 36W / From 3500lm up to 5400lm –
Up / 24W / 3500lm
Length 1400 / 2000 / 2800mm –
Down / From 10 up to 51W / From 1700lm up to 8800lm
Length 800 / 1100 / 1600mm –
Down / From 15 up to 31W / From 2500lm up to 5300lm
Length 800 / 1100mm

Down / From 12 up to 17W / From 1800lm up to 2600lm
Family overview
UGR <19 CHOOSE YOUR control Up / From 14 up to 27W / From 2400 up to 4900lm - Melanopic Light Technology® - UGR <19 Melanopic Light Technology® - UGR <19 UGR <19 CHOOSE YOUR control CHOOSE YOUR control CHOOSE YOUR control Non DIM --- 20 26 28 DALI DIM Non DIM DALI DIM 1440 - 2000 - 2820 28 DALI DIM Modulator DIM 230 28 83 Ø777 1100 1100 - 1600 28 28 Ø777 28 230 28 28 83 Ø777 83 2312 Ø777 28 28 28 30 32 33 DALI DIM 800 -- 800FTL35 WG As an addition to the extensive range of Femtoline profiles, this wallgrazer introduces new ways of integrating linear solutions into architectural lighting. As a member of the Femtoline range it also uses LEDflex inside its slender body, but its optical compartment generates new application possibilities, as it creates a grazing light along the surface, perfect to enhance textured walls or produce a dramatic lighting effect through its play of light and shadow. 34 A play of light and Family overview CHOOSE YOUR COLOUR White, Black or Ano Ledflex 650 up to 2100lm/m - 5,1 up to 21,6W/m CHOOSE YOUR power CHOOSE YOUR accessory Add a tilting set for a perfect alignment of the beam The in-house developed lens extrusion is designed to fulfill multiple functionalities to create the optimal grazing effect. First of all its specific shape generates a double light effect: in one direction it produces a small light beam to graze along the surface, even for higher walls, in the other direction the purpose is to widen the beam to obtain the same effect as wide as possible. Its second task is to do all of this without loosing sight of the visual perception. Thanks to a special treatment of the lens, the LED dots of the LEDflex are being transformed into a uniform line of light without any obtrusive effect to the eye. 37 25 Dehullu Architectsreflections Looking to complete our portfolio of technical architectural lighting we came up with a set of more decorative and expressive shapes. The result is Reflections, presented for the first time in 2018. Reflections is a series of new adventures in luminaire design. A mission to improve the relationships between architecture, interiors, its users and visitors. A poetic expression of craftsmanship, light, technology, texture, shape and mood. With these new collections we want to help create the right atmosphere, so that the experience of every space is filled in a warm and unique way. The following ranges are brand-new and complete the Lighting Bible AE interior collection. You only see the light through its reflections With its timeless and inviting look the Mantello Pendant is well-suited for both home decor and professional environments. Hang a few Mantello pendants in the kitchen, place the smallest one each side of the bed, or create a playful configuration above the reception counter and start enjoying the right lighting atmosphere. Starting from a circle, the bell-shaped design of the Mantello was inspired by both 80’s Memphis shapes and early industrial characteristics. A modern interpretation of recognizable and traditional forms, available in two mantello 38 sizes and two diameters. Just hanging aroundmantello Suspended from the ceiling the lamp brings a modernistic style and classic elegance to any décor. You can opt either for a matt lacquered aluminium shade, or the version in mouthblown, soft rounded glass. The variety in sizes, colours and led or E27 versions, allows you to tailor the Mantello to communicate with the style and needs of the room. A particularly unique version in the Mantello family is the combination of the aluminium housing with the opaque sphere semi-hidden inside the shade. A very stylish combination ensuring a perfectly diffused and warm light effect. 40Family overview CHOOSE YOUR material & colour Aluminium housing in Raw White or Black Bronze Glass housing in Smoke or Amber CHOOSE YOUR light LED (2700K - 10,4W - 1100lm) or E27 Choose your installation Single or Triple Suspension Straight down or out of center Ø200 Ø150 280 Ø200 210 Ø150 200 154 The work of Nathalie Dewez extends from small objects to monumental installations, from unique pieces to industrial products. Her presence at numerous international shows and exhibitions has led to collaborations with a number of architecture practices as well as international producers such as Hermès (FR), Habitat (UK), Ligne Roset (FR), De Castelli (IT) & Vervloet (BE). Nathalie is a designer whose main medium is light and whose materials vary between metal, glass and other long-lasting medium, whether designing light fixtures, objects, furnishings or large-scale sculptures. Her designs reveal the passion for sculptural shapes and superior craftsmanship. Some of her iconic pieces have been awarded several times. In 2011 she received the ‘Design Pierre Bergé Foundation’ award and the same year was nominated Belgian Designer of the Year. Family overview CHOOSE YOUR COLOUR Raw White Black Bronze Barrier Blue still CHOOSE YOUR INSTALLATION Single or Triple suspension Ø98 30 2272 Ø12The Still lamp works as a mobile. This pendant lamp has the particularity of having the light source off-center from its point of suspension, creating an ever-changing elegant dynamic. Due to its big length it dresses and emphasizes a space, without the clutter. A puff of wind would have it slightly moving. The Still lamp is never completely still. 43 “I always liked to play with counterweights to create movement and tension in my products. With the Still lamp, the rod of metal that creates the balance has the same diameter as the tube welcoming the cable. Screwed together, they create a perfect line and allow easy packing when separated.” Still... or never completely.Stay wild... moon child.outdoor Founded in 1989 Delta Light has been designing and manufacturing sustainable and high-quality luminaires for many years. Exterior lighting has been an important part of the collection since its early years. As outdoor luminaires often need to withstand harsh weather conditions, Delta Light maintains the highest standards, both in the choice of material as well as in the production and coating process. The following ranges are brand-new and complete the Lighting Bible AE exterior collection.Light and ambiance is not only for indoors, by combining light and architecture in outdoor settings, the city also remains vibrant at night. With its 7 different light effects and its multiple installation options, Frax has been designed for every aspect of the urban architecture: any form, any material or any composition. FRAX 46 Boost your outdoor experience.Optical precision Frax is based on Delta Light’s LED Caset® technology, which combines multiple LEDs with individual collimator lenses per LED to generate a clean-cut light distribution. The individual lenses create a multi-layered light distribution to generate a clean 8° or 14° beam angle. Other beam angles or other light effects are being obtained by adding microlenses in front, sculpting the light into a 26° or 47° beam angle or into a linear or wallwash effect. LED Caset® technology 47 Visual well-being Frax not only cares about the perfect light effect, it takes care about the passer-by as well. Frax can be provided with an additional honeycomb or a snoot to reduce the possebility from directly looking into the light source. Both of them reduce any undesired lighteffect and the glare associated with it.MADE FOR HARSH ENVIRONMENTS IP65 - IK06 thanks to 5mm thick glass for Frax S IK08 thanks to 8mm thick glass for Frax M - UV-resistant components for extended lifespan - Thermal protector inside to prevent the luminaire from overheating - D-Lock: in-house designed moisture lock to prevent humidity entering the luminaire - No visible cable coming out of the luminaire as all cabling runs through the hinge 48Installation made easy Apart from the extensive optical possibilities, Frax also offers a range of different mounting options. Standard, the luminaire comes on a round base, but one can also opt to install the luminaire head on a pin, on a strap or on a simplified bracket. In this way, Frax can easily be transformed to install in between the green, around a tree, a pole or any other surface. To facilitate the installation of multiple Frax luminaires, a degree scale is integrated on the hinge, perfect for precise aiming and a proper repetitive light effect. Family overview CHOOSE YOUR COLOUR Dark Grey / Grey CHOOSE YOUR POWER Small: 5,9 up to 7,9W / 650 up to 870lm Medium: 17,9W up to 23W / 1800 up to 2400lm CHOOSE YOUR OPTICS 8° / 14° / 26° / 47° _ Other effects: linear spread / wallwash CHOOSE YOUR ACCESSORY Honeycomb Snoot CHOOSE YOUR INSTALLATION Surface mounted on paved surfaces On a pin between the green Strapped around a tree Mounted on a pole IP65 82 Ø117 33 Ø117 33 Ø117 87 49 Ø15350In many ways, Backspace is a joy for the eye, be it by its slender design, by its pleasant light effect or by its playful colour combinations. Backspace is designed to create a 2-way light effect on the wall, the choice to install it in a horizontal or vertical way is up to you. By mounting the light source in the front part of the luminaire, it is perfectly shielded from looking directly into the source. Backspace can be used for interior lighting in a white, grey or dark grey finish or for outdoor settings in grey or dark grey. An additional touch of colour can be added to the luminaires by opting for an extra golden reflector. BACKSPACE Family overview CHOOSE YOUR COLOUR White or White-Gold coloured (for Interior) - Grey, Dark Grey or Dark Grey-Gold coloured for exterior LED DATA 10W - 1400lm IP54 228 35 101 28 225 51 And now we're back, from outer WALKER Family overview CHOOSE YOUR COLOUR White or white-Gold coloured (for Interior) - Grey, Dark Grey, Dark Grey-Gold or Grey-Dark Grey coloured for exterior CHOOSE YOUR POWER 5W - 630lm / 6,8W - 900lm IP54 50 110 100 50 400 - 700 400 - 700 110 150 50 100 50 150 52Split the light Walker splits the light open. Starting from 1 light source, Walker is designed to guide the light into two directions to provide a double light effect on the surface below. The light falls on the V-shaped inner part of the luminaire, breaking it open and throwing it to the front- and backside of the luminaire. Walker can serve as a guiding light on your wall or pathway, as it comes as a wall luminaire and as a bollard. Different sizes, different heights and multiple colour combinations can be combined to your preference to create the perfect setting.54 Let me guide you through the nightSKOV Light as a guide Skov is perfect as a guidance light, both for in- and outdoors. The luminaire stands out in slenderness, with only 32mm of thickness for a surface mounted wall application with integrated power supply. The combination of a recessed LED array with the specific design of Skov generates visibility along the path without being obtrusive for the passer-by. The light leaving the luminaire gently falls onto the veil of Skov, revealing a soft light effect to guide you wherever the path may take you. 55 Family overview CHOOSE YOUR COLOUR White or Dark Grey for Interior - Grey or Dark Grey for Exterior CHOOSE YOUR SIZE & POWER Small 5W - 630lm - Medium 11W - 1400lm 32 231 130 101 130 32logic40 The Logic range stands for a complete family of water and shock resistant lighting fixtures. Logic 40 is the newest addition to the family, a minimalistic recessed uplight with a diameter of only 40mm. With its small beam angle of 15°, it perfectly serves as an accent light to highlight any architectural aspect you want. Available with trim or as a trimless installation for an even more minimalistic look. To take care of the visual well-being, Logic 40 either comes with a micro vizor inside or as a Moon version, shielding off the light that is thrown backwards. The perfect addition to accentuate green or sculptures, to highlight façade or small garden features, to create a sense of depth or indicate the right direction along paths and driveways. Family overview CHOOSE YOUR FINISH Anodised & Stainless steel CHOOSE YOUR INSTALLATION With trim or trimless CHOOSE YOUR POWER 4,1W - 380lm CHOOSE YOUR OPTICS 15° with Micro Vizor - Moon version IP67 Ø50 65 56 Ø41 Ø41 75Accentuate the detailsproduct range extensions MINI REO II CHOOSE YOUR COLOUR White / Black CHOOSE YOUR BEAM 18° / 25° / 37° CHOOSE FIX OR ADJUSTABLE CHOOSE IP65 for Exterior SOFT DIM ADDITIONS LEDFLEX IN 1800K - 3000K BOXY L iMAX II HO Round Adjustable Square Adjustable Trimless IMAX II CHOOSE YOUR COLOUR White / Black NEW BEAM ANGLE 6° FRAGMA CHOOSE YOUR COLOUR White / Black CHOOSE YOUR MODEL 2x2 SUPERSPOT 3x3 SUPERSPOT 4x4 SUPERSPOT NEW BEAM ANGLE 8°BOXY XL CHOOSE YOUR SHAPE Round / Square NEW DIMMABLE VERSION DALI DIM NEW SPY66 Magnetic for these profiles M20 / M26H / M26L / M35R - LP / MP - MDL / DIM5 new colours for SLM 26L & 26H Brushed Bronze - BRB Polished Aluminium - PA SUPERLOOP HC additional diameters SBL & MDL 2000 / 2500 / 3000 / 3500 / 4000 / 5000mmIlluminating places. Illuminating architecture. Illuminating nature. #wearedeltalight DOC GE 482