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Bel Lighting

Founded in 1991, BEL-LIGHTING is still to this day an independant family company with over fifty employees working here at our present factory in Megara (Greece) and headquarters in Saintes (Belgium). Lighting creator specialized in outdoor lighting, we constantly follow new developments in lighting technology and we are always attentive to the specific needs of our partners around the world to design and produce new innovative products that correspond to the requirements of our customers in the private or public domain.

Meanwhile, our technical department provides support for customized products, we provide assistance to architects and business partners on their projects together.We also strengthen our products with recognized certifications, confirming the quality of our fixtures according to international standards. Likewise, were providing our partners all the information needed about our products including photometric data accredited by a specialized laboratory to determine the performance of our lighting before their implementation through various simulation programs.

The creation, design and production is done in-house, we have firmly decided to build our reputation with high quality, thats why we always use first choice materials, some products are also manufactured with natural materials (aluminum , brass, stainless steel, copper, exotic iroko wood and Belgian stone) without coating and are fully integrated into their natural environment.

The technical quality and our exceptional design are the key priorities of our work in the development and manufacture of our products, with only proper use, installation and maintenance done by a specialist guarantee operational safety.