Slamp From the white cube to the curviest contemporary interior, Slamp products can transform the décor of any space. Since Slamp's inception in 1994, the Rome based company has dedicated its efforts to create lights with character, lights that bring a flash of artistry to any room. From its beginnings with the decorated Tube, our range has developed into a delicious spectrum of decorative lighting for every mood and situation. This year not only do we have exciting new products alongside our existing classics, but we have organised all of our range into four families. These families, "The Beauties", "The Easies", "The Futures", and "The Totems", are partly based on functional typology, but also on their decorative language: a close collaboration between Slamp and its principal designers: Nigel Coates, Stefano Papi, Luca Mazza and Adriano Rachele.

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