Yarussi Alvarado In the beginning of 2012 - after many years of friendship - Nicolás Yarussi and Nicolás Alvarado, two young Argentinian designers with the same vision created YARUSSI ALVARADO, the company that allowed them to began developing and commercializing their first models, working as a design studio of furniture and lighting, with the clear objective to develop models that stands out by its simplicity, the intelligent use of its raw materials and its functionality. In the beginning of 2013 YARUSSI ALVARADO incorporated two new partners: Martin Feijoó (Advertiser) and Juan Tarazaga (fashion entrepreneur). With the partnership established and their base were defined, YARUSSI ALVARADO was invited to participate in "Maison & Objet" Paris one more time, where the collections "Leather Drop" (a collection of leather lamps), "Noble" (Oak and Walnut furniture), new Ondula models and Auxiliares were presented, getting good results and great acceptance. YARUSSI ALVARADO is currently in expansion process, reaching new markets and working on new products development, always looking for inspiration in what's simple, harmonious, powerful and beautiful.

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